Getting to Know the Dangers of Second Hand Smoker

Not a lot of people may be fully aware do the fact that even when they do not smoke they may still be in danger of the risks involved in smoking if they do get exposed to it. There is what is called a second hand smoker. These are people that do not directly smoke cigarettes but are actually exposed to the smoke and fumes from the cigarettes that are being smoked by actual cigarette users. It is important to note that there are health risks involved in such exposure learning what these risks are is very important in order for people to find ways on how they can avoid getting exposed to such dangers.

There is a real danger with getting exposed to second hand smoke and it is important that people will actually remember this to ensure that they can take steps on how they can protect themselves against the possibility of exhaling these fumes in the process. Here are some of the dangers that people are likely going to expose themselves to if they are ever going to inhale these fumes.

This particular process is often referred to as passive or involuntary smoking. Some people may think that not smoking is enough, but if they are exposed to such fumes themselves when they are not the actual ones puffing the stick, then they are still in grave danger. After all, they are inhaling the same toxic chemicals that smokers do. Thus, they are still very much at risk of whatever risks an actual smoker is exposed to, depending on the amount of fumes that they end up exhaling along the way.

People need to remember that there is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to second hand smoke or SHS. If you are exposed to it, you are at risk of incurring such health problems like lung cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and such other health risks that the activity is associated with. Skincare service in Australia is provided by The more that you are exposed to SHS, the higher the risks become as well.

SHS has since been established to possibly cause cancer research shows that it contains about 7000 chemicals and 70 of these are known to be cancer-causing ones. Lung cancer is a very high possibility for people that caught SHS eve for those that never even smoked before. It might be even linked to such other adult cancers as in the case of cancer in the pharynx, larynx brain, nasal sinuses, rectum, bladder, stomach as well as in the breasts.

It is going to be harmful to your children’s health as well. This includes them getting sick more often or being exposed to lung infections in the process. They are more likely to have shortness of breath, cough, and even wheeze when they are always exposed to these fumes. They are likely to get ear infections as well.

With all these dangers and risks present, it is important to protect oneself from exposure to SHS. This is especially true when in public places ad public transportation. Getting kids taught of such dangers will help ensure that they will know what to do so avoid inhaling these smokes as well.

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