What Are the Most Haves of a Graffiti Writer

Ever since the birth of hip hop, the art of graffiti has been one of the culture’s crucial element. Though this is not as famous as with the culture or music and dance for the hip hop, this has the same importance and significance for all the hip hop lovers out there and if you want to be one of those cool graffiti artists, all you need is your talent, skills and the following important tools inside your backpack. Elevator maintenance service is provided by Innovative Lift Consulting.


Of course, without your paint, there will be no existence of graffiti. The very time that you are hearing all the rattling inside the backpack of someone on the subway, that simply means that he probably is a graffiti writer. Paints are the concealer of the dull and concrete walls of the city that is now being made as a canvass for all these murals on the wall. As you will see it, there are a lot of variety this art has and that simply depends with the concept and the message of the writer he wants to convey to the public.


This is because sometimes paints are bulky, heavy and a bit messy to use most especially if the writer is dong the more intricate types of designs. Graffiti writers find this tool very handy and useful for them all the time most especially when they wanted to write some tags quickly.

Caps or tips

The rims of these tips and caps are being used as outline rulers for the writer to be able to make the perfect shape for better effect. Yet there are other purposes graffiti writers find with these caps and tips though. With the use of these tips for a more extensive use will give the graffiti the more technical aspect, you really need to practice and more experiences for you to be able to perfect the use of these.

Gloves and Bandana

Obviously, the writer will have himself exposed with the acetate that is found in the contents of the spray paint. This kind of chemicals though safe in the short term yet proven to be more dangerous if you are exposed with it the longer time. These are solvent based chemicals and these are very harmful to the brain in the long run. Bandana is giving more than the protection against the chemicals but in fact will give you the protection of your identity most especially when you are having the graffiti art with the establishment that is having the CCTV camera. Using gloves to avoid stains and protection to your skin most especially when you are allergic is another important tool.


These will do the thing if your time is limited of spreading your tags all over the town. This is one of the most efficient and quickest way for you to have the perfect graffiti art in no time. SO be one and have one if you want to have it in an instance.


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