Resistance Welding Keep It Safe

If you target resistance welding as a way to boost profits, make sure you practice the value-added operation safely.

  • Pinch-point risk is a common operator risk around resistance welding in the absence of necessary safety practices or provisions.
  • Several pinch-point risks exist, including weld cylinders, clamps, moveable tooling and production parts.
  • The most common risk in most machines comes from the welding electrodes.
  • Weld electrodes come together with a very high force and are clamped against a body part, especially with pointed electrodes, that force can crush bone.
  • To minimize the risk, set the electrodes 1⁄2 in. or closer to the part in the separated state, for part load or unload. This helps prohibit fingers or hands from becoming pinched between the electrodes.
  • Once the weld cycle starts, in many machines it cannot be interrupted.
  • Should something foreign accidentally become pinched between the electrodes, the weld cycle continues until it completes. Are you looking for welding companies in Brisbane? You can contact If a body part has been partially pinned during an initial weld-gun closure, the operator’s first reaction may be to immediately step off of the foot pedal or release the palm button, to try to release the pressure.
  • In those types of machines, the pressure will continue to rise, aggravating the injury, until the weld cycle completes.

Warning about Older Weld Controls

  • Some older welding controls might still be running without electromechanical relays or other suitable pinch-point control features. As a result, they are susceptible to false, uninitiated weldgun or other pinch-point closure.
  • The presence of such a control should be examined with the suspicion that it may increase pinch-point risk and require correction.
  • If an operator ever sees an uninitiated electrode or pinch-point closure, he should seek immediate assistance.
  • Maintenance should confirm that the electrical pinch-point control connections meet electrical code.
  • These connections usually involve electromechanical relays for pinch-point control, and proper electrical grounding.
  • Maintenance personnel should consult with the manufacturer of the welding control or the machine.
  • Electrical codes and specifications identify common methods of inhibiting false initiation or unwanted electrode closure during operator loading or unloading.

Pinch from Power Up or Down

  • Powering up or powering down any energy source to a resistance-welding machine can initiate a pinch-point hazard or inhibit a pinch-point safety function.
  • When the air is left off, the operator initiates the machine, and the platen does not move. Then someone turns the air on. When the pressure builds, the platen closes. In some cases this can happen even if the initiation button or pedal no longer is depressed. If the operator’s hands are in a pinch point, the operator could be injured from the delay in the closing of the platen.
  • Unexpected and dangerous machine functions that can cause pinch, bump or pinning risk can occur from any of the following:
    • Electrical power on or off.
    • Weld-control power on or off.
    • Machine-sequence control power on or off.
    • Machine air pressure on or off.
    • Cooling water on or off.
    • Hydraulic pressure on or off.

Stored Energy an Immediate Risk

  • An unexpected release of energy and a pinch point can occur during power-up or -down from the storage of any energy source. Examples include:
    • A heavy platen or tool lifted above the floor may settle.
    • A surge tank filled with air pressure may bleed down, closing a platen.
    • Any mechanical spring compressed from a mechanical action, as well as an air or hydraulic cylinder action, can release, closing a platen or weld gun.
  • Experienced personnel pay close attention to pinch points when any of the energy sources of a resistance-welding machine power up or down.
  • In many machines a greater risk is the energy release some time after power switches on or off.
  • Not all machines make unexpected moves; many can become unpredictable with the removal or connection of an energy source.
  • Some resistance-welding machines automatically lift the electrode or platen when any fault occurs. Some machines will hang up mid-cycle from a fault.
  • Resetting the control or circuit breaker may be necessary to lift the electrode or platen. In some machines, that reset can initiate other functions that could add risk.
  • A pinned body part between the electrodes may cause a weld control fault and a breakdown stop.

Out-of-Reach Safety Controls Require Two People Present

  • Circuit breakers or controller resets are remote from the operator job location.
  • Many times, manufacturing shops require the presence of two or more people in a production area.
  • Previous descriptions of risks included pinching from power on or off; that same set of risks also applies to getting bumped or pinned from tooling or parts transfer with power on or off. If parts are suspended or shuttled due to the presence of an energy source, they can fall upon removal of the energy source.

Robot Hazards

  • In addition to automation, more resistance welding is done today using industrial robots for part loading or unloading, or for handling of portable weld guns.
  • Any operator that gets close to moving robots, presses or transfer lines should create a mental exercise that includes planning an escape route in case of a run-away, buckle or anything else that could invade the work area.
  • Robot run-away is especially dangerous since a malfunctioning robot may be able to reach beyond its programmed work zone.
  • It could enter an operator’s work zone and collide with the operator. Things break with moving automation. Unforeseen events can occur.
  • Failing to take the necessary safety precautions for entering the press—energy removal and lockout— he moved the part and the press cycled, with fatal results.


What Are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Plastic

Acrylics were not used before and in real sense, they have not been used for quite a while now. Acrylics were introduced in the 1950’s; and after their introduction they many people begun using them all over. Acrylic plastics are used all over and have become an important ingredient that is used in different items. Some of the things that have acrylic in them include; glass, picture frames and many more. If you have decided to use the acrylic plastic on paints, then you are going to see so many advantages that come with this.

Acrylic plastic is commonly used in paintings all over and this is due to so many factors. To buy acrylic plastics in Adelaide you can contact Prodigy Plastics. One advantage of using these paints is that, you will have the advantage of using it on a wide number of different techniques. For example, you can tin them down using water and then after you use them as wash watercolors. You can even decide to use them as different pick up layers of paint. Another advantage of using paints that have acrylic plastic on them is that you will be able to use them on a wide range of different media.

Acrylics have the advantage of bonding on a wide variety of surfaces. Apart from paper and canvas, you can also decide to use the acrylic on stone, concrete, metal, wood and many other surfaces. Acrylic plastic is able to modify the appearance of your painting and this is going to depend on the surface and any other media that has been introduced to this paint.

Another great advantage of using the acrylic plastic paints is that they are able to dry very fast. This is one main advantage that sets the difference between the acrylic paints and the oils that are used in painting. Drying is either bad or good, and this is because you will find some techniques have a long drying period, which is advantageous. However, if you are the kind of person who likes working very fast and you need your work to dry fast, then you it is important that you use acrylics.

Another reason as why acrylic plastic is good for use in painting is that you will have the advantage of using acrylic on a wide number of media. You will be able to add so much variety and texture to your art. You will do this through mixing different media on your paint. Some possibilities for you to use include pasta, rice, or sand.

When the acrylic dries on the paint, you can also decide to use different media. Some of the media you can use when the acrylic dries include pastels, pen, and charcoal that can be applied on top of your paint. Another reason why you should use acrylic plastic on paint is that acrylic is much more stable than using other paints that do not have acrylic. The paints have existed for at least 60 years, but you can be sure that they will do a much better job when you use them in paints.

Why Choose Natural Healthy Products

Most of the people all over the world start their day with a shower, a meal and get ready for work. Not all of them are very particular about the product they are using, whether the contents of it are bringing their body the right nutrients it needs. The same goes with products for external use. But these days a number of these people are growing wary of how synthetic products are actually the source of making their body feel ill, especially from the public. Little evidence is there that going for natural healthy products will actually bring a healthy body.


Natural healthy products generally do not contain any of the harmful chemicals that conventional products do. Harmful preservatives, harsh chemicals, food coloring, fertilizers, pesticides and the like are just some of those that have been associated with degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. According to human history, humans have lived off their food that are grown directly from the earth, not the ones that are modified through factories and preserved for longer than 3 years. For this reason, a lot of people are concerned about the health of the people have promoted to prefer natural healthy products rather than conventional ones. They do not contain any additives colorings and preserving. The word ‘natural’ has even made it to cans and boxes that were once used to be containers for synthetic or genetically modified foods. Whatever claims they say, natural products are not always placed inside bottles or cans that have a shelf life of over 5 years.


What it means to eat natural food means that you eat them as close to how nature presented it to you. If they are grown from trees, then eat them directly from the source. While this can be almost impossible all of the time, as close as you can be, adapt this kind of lifestyle so that you can prolong your life better than most people who rely mostly on GMO-based foods. But the reality of it is that doctors never did say anything about natural foods. Everybody knows that if you eat too much preserved food, it will naturally kill your body slowly. This is why medical experts will say to their patients that they should only eat preserved food at a certain amount daily. If they can do it, they can avoid it altogether for a day or two. There is no harm in eating synthetically grown products as long as they are consumed in small amounts.

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Is going natural really the way to become healthy? If you ask your doctors about it, they will generally tell you to eat moderately. This means that whatever you eat, whether it is a GMO-based product or naturally grown vegetables and fruits from pesticide and fertilizer free farms, you need to have proper and balanced nutrition or everything else is just going to be a waste. Though it is true that the nutritional content of natural or organic products are indeed higher than conventional ones, if there is too much natural vitamins inside your body, it will attract illnesses. What your body needs is just the right amount of nutrients and not too much of it.

Getting to Know the Dangers of Second Hand Smoker

Not a lot of people may be fully aware do the fact that even when they do not smoke they may still be in danger of the risks involved in smoking if they do get exposed to it. There is what is called a second hand smoker. These are people that do not directly smoke cigarettes but are actually exposed to the smoke and fumes from the cigarettes that are being smoked by actual cigarette users. It is important to note that there are health risks involved in such exposure learning what these risks are is very important in order for people to find ways on how they can avoid getting exposed to such dangers.

There is a real danger with getting exposed to second hand smoke and it is important that people will actually remember this to ensure that they can take steps on how they can protect themselves against the possibility of exhaling these fumes in the process. Here are some of the dangers that people are likely going to expose themselves to if they are ever going to inhale these fumes.

This particular process is often referred to as passive or involuntary smoking. Some people may think that not smoking is enough, but if they are exposed to such fumes themselves when they are not the actual ones puffing the stick, then they are still in grave danger. After all, they are inhaling the same toxic chemicals that smokers do. Thus, they are still very much at risk of whatever risks an actual smoker is exposed to, depending on the amount of fumes that they end up exhaling along the way.

People need to remember that there is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to second hand smoke or SHS. If you are exposed to it, you are at risk of incurring such health problems like lung cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and such other health risks that the activity is associated with. Skincare service in Australia is provided by The more that you are exposed to SHS, the higher the risks become as well.

SHS has since been established to possibly cause cancer research shows that it contains about 7000 chemicals and 70 of these are known to be cancer-causing ones. Lung cancer is a very high possibility for people that caught SHS eve for those that never even smoked before. It might be even linked to such other adult cancers as in the case of cancer in the pharynx, larynx brain, nasal sinuses, rectum, bladder, stomach as well as in the breasts.

It is going to be harmful to your children’s health as well. This includes them getting sick more often or being exposed to lung infections in the process. They are more likely to have shortness of breath, cough, and even wheeze when they are always exposed to these fumes. They are likely to get ear infections as well.

With all these dangers and risks present, it is important to protect oneself from exposure to SHS. This is especially true when in public places ad public transportation. Getting kids taught of such dangers will help ensure that they will know what to do so avoid inhaling these smokes as well.

What Are the Most Haves of a Graffiti Writer

Ever since the birth of hip hop, the art of graffiti has been one of the culture’s crucial element. Though this is not as famous as with the culture or music and dance for the hip hop, this has the same importance and significance for all the hip hop lovers out there and if you want to be one of those cool graffiti artists, all you need is your talent, skills and the following important tools inside your backpack. Elevator maintenance service is provided by Innovative Lift Consulting.


Of course, without your paint, there will be no existence of graffiti. The very time that you are hearing all the rattling inside the backpack of someone on the subway, that simply means that he probably is a graffiti writer. Paints are the concealer of the dull and concrete walls of the city that is now being made as a canvass for all these murals on the wall. As you will see it, there are a lot of variety this art has and that simply depends with the concept and the message of the writer he wants to convey to the public.


This is because sometimes paints are bulky, heavy and a bit messy to use most especially if the writer is dong the more intricate types of designs. Graffiti writers find this tool very handy and useful for them all the time most especially when they wanted to write some tags quickly.

Caps or tips

The rims of these tips and caps are being used as outline rulers for the writer to be able to make the perfect shape for better effect. Yet there are other purposes graffiti writers find with these caps and tips though. With the use of these tips for a more extensive use will give the graffiti the more technical aspect, you really need to practice and more experiences for you to be able to perfect the use of these.

Gloves and Bandana

Obviously, the writer will have himself exposed with the acetate that is found in the contents of the spray paint. This kind of chemicals though safe in the short term yet proven to be more dangerous if you are exposed with it the longer time. These are solvent based chemicals and these are very harmful to the brain in the long run. Bandana is giving more than the protection against the chemicals but in fact will give you the protection of your identity most especially when you are having the graffiti art with the establishment that is having the CCTV camera. Using gloves to avoid stains and protection to your skin most especially when you are allergic is another important tool.


These will do the thing if your time is limited of spreading your tags all over the town. This is one of the most efficient and quickest way for you to have the perfect graffiti art in no time. SO be one and have one if you want to have it in an instance.


How to Find a Decorative Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Many proprietors want their properties to look attractive to the individuals who will be visiting such areas. Most of these proprietors typically want to gain good impressions from their visitors since they usually feel proud with what they have accomplished in their homes. In this case, they are usually performing beautification projects around their houses. To save some money, some individuals conduct research on how they can do some of these beautification projects all alone by themselves. However, there are also several individuals who are willing to spend generous amounts of money to be able to get the best results for these projects.


If you are one of these people, you may be looking for a professional who will perform the specific job for you. This way, you can be assured that it is correctly done. For your floors, you might be thinking about hiring a decorative epoxy flooring contractor. Such company will go to your house, transport the necessary materials from their warehouse to the project site, and the employees will be the ones responsible of laying it all together. When looking for such contractor, you have to think about their reputation first. Nobody wants to get the service of someone who cannot deliver a good performance when doing their job. A reputable company will certainly not do something that can stain their good reputation. Aside from that, you should also be checking how long have they been rendering their service to their clients. Typically, the longer the years they have been operating in the industry, the wider their experiences related to the job are. Best multistage centrifugal pumps seller company in Australia see more products Visit Here.

Another thing to look at would be the employees. Such individuals will be the ones doing the job on your house so you have to make sure that they are skilled, professional, and qualified to handle the task that they are required to do. The cost should also be another factor that you should be taking into utmost consideration. Choosing a decorative epoxy flooring may cost you a lot of money so you should make sure that you will be getting a quote for the total cost of this project prior to taking advantage of their service. Incomplete payments usually equal to incomplete projects. It will be good if the contractor will be offering a warranty for the job they have done. A warranty will give you an assurance that they have done a good job with the project that you assigned them to do. Usually, this warranty may last a year or two.


The company may ask you to sign a contract that lists down all the terms of your engagement so that they can start the project. Before you do so, though, you have to carefully go over each line item stated in the document. You have to make sure that you have discussed and agreed to the terms that are printed in the document prior to signing it. This way, you will not be tied down to something that you do not like in the first place. You should be getting a copy of the contract and keep it for future reference.

About Family Law

As we live in this borrowed world we have given the chance to create our own family by finding our destiny or love one and then we stay together in one house together with our siblings. This kind of privilege is the gift that we receive from our creator which is very beautiful knowing that we can get the full happiness as we live in this world. In order to protect the rights of family our government has created a law regarding with family and if you are not aware of then these are the important things that you should know about it. Monthly acounting service is provided by AIMBC.

If you didn’t know yet what are the exact details about family law, then this kind of law was created in order to deal all the family problems or matter and this include the civil unions, marriage, adoption, surrogacy, child abduction, domestic partnership and child abuse. As you can see it is very helpful, especially if you have plenty of problems regarding with your family. Child abuse is very useful law because this was created in order to protect the life of child, especially to those parents that are abusing their child in different ways. There are many situations that we can use this especially if we don’t like anymore to stay with our partner for a legal reason, then we can this law in order to free us for the marriage that we are in. This is also useful like adoption knowing that we can use it to create a happy family.

It is very helpful that we know how to use this law correctly so we can avoid those happenings that we didn’t like to happen to our family, especially if we talk about abuse knowing that we cannot afford to see our siblings being abused by our loved one or by another person. This is very useful, especially if we like to fully protect our family and this can happen only if there is law like this knowing that the most effective way in order to achieve the justice is by following the law in our society. There are many situations that we cannot avoid to happen even though we don’t want it to happen, therefore in order to make it straight, we should use the law that our government created knowing that they created it in order to benefit therefore we need to be aware about this kind of law.

If you have problems, especially to your family and you don’t know how to solve it, then you can also ask for the advice of experts in this field, knowing that they have studied it so we can make sure that we can get the utmost advice on what we are going to do. We have freedom on what we are going to do and we are given the responsibility to make sure that our children or family are safe, therefore it is our chance to become aware about the different laws that we can use in order to protect our families.

3 Challenges Of Losing Weight

Like any goal you have in your life losing weight will have it’s own challenges. There are some obstacles you need to face and overcome before you reach there. Yes, these are the too obvious yet too difficult to overcome. To give you an insight of what these challenges are and what to do, read on.

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Challenge #1 Time Management


Time is one scarce resource. For busy individuals out there it would be very difficult to juggle from going to the office and work and inserting an hour or two going to the gym or a time where you are going to walk or jog around the block. However, if your health is in your priority list, this would not be a problem. You will give losing weight a chunk of your time. This is to make sure that you do hit your target and that you are losing weight.


Challenge #2 Diet or Exercise or Both


This is not a million dollar question but a very obvious one. Some are even thinking they can lose weight by simply dieting without exercising. While others just do exercise and still eating the same amount of food when they are big. However, the best way to lose weight is for you to have a mixture of eating healthy food while at the same time exercising. You do not want to walk around with a sagging skin, right? You want to firm those areas of your body that do have sag skin. In this way, you will be able to look good, toned up and healthy at the same time.


Challenge #3 Getting Stuck


There are some moments where you are thinking you are stuck, you are not losing more weight. Your weight is still the same to that of last week. You are doing the same thing over again. Your routine has become boring. Now the cure to this is for you to realize that there are times you might not lose weight it is but normal. The only thing you want to make sure to overcome is getting bored with the old routine. You can start off by adding more activities, tweaking your routine, and see how it goes.


Are you now ready to overcome these challenges and start losing the weight? Well, if you do then you are on the right track! Start moving out of your comfort zone and do something for your health.

The Big Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

In the world of coatings for floors, epoxy floor coatings are a popular option. In fact, besides being added to floors, they’re also used on various appliances as well. Floors must undergo a ton of wear and tear, due to people walking on them, items being dropped or dragged across them, and so on. This highlights the need for floors in homes, offices, and other buildings to have an added layer of protection, such as epoxy. This will help to prolong the life of the flooring, and will also improve its appearance. While it will cost some money, it will improve the floor’s durability. Are you looking for mirror service? No need to go any where else Foley Glass is the best mirror service provider in Melbourne.

An epoxy is actually a resin, which itself is a substance that is produced chemically to make plastics. The substance sets when either heat or pressure is applied to it. It’s a substance that’s often added to the outside of appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators. When added to floors it has the same effect of protecting the flooring from various types of damage such as marks.

There are basically two types of epoxy coatings and paints, which are powder and water-base coatings. The one used for floorings is water-base. It is non-hazardous which is certainly critical for use in places where several people are, such as homes and workplaces. Due to its composition, epoxy floor coatings are quite easy to apply. Typically it takes some time to apply it to floors, but it generally is quite easy. The finish that the substance provides can vary due to different factors.

There are several benefits to using epoxy floor coatings over other options. One of the main benefits is that it leaves a crisp and clean sheen that helps to improve the appearance of the floor. It’s definitely a benefit for day-to-day use of the flooring, but also a benefit when people are visiting a home or office, helping to ensure that it will have the best appearance possible.

Besides that, epoxy can also help to make the flooring more durable, which is certainly critical for flooring, due to the traffic that goes across it daily. A concrete floor is certainly an excellent choice in terms of providing a sturdy flooring. However, it’s critical that it’s as durable as possible, which will help to increase the lifespan and help to survive the day-to-day effects of people walking over it. Another benefit is that it’s quite easy to clean of dust, dirt and grime.

Due to the traffic, scrapes, and bumps they experience on a daily basis, it’s critical for concrete floors to have extra protection. That’s why epoxy floor coatings are one of the best options. It’s a type of resin that hardens when heat or pressure is applied. They provide many benefits, such as a sheen, durability, and a cinch to clean. It’s definitely one of the best options compared to other coatings. Without a doubt, an epoxy coating can help your floor to not only look better but also last longer. So it’s an investment that every homeowner should consider as an option.

How to Get Yourself a Mover: 4 Steps

The idea of moving from one place to another may be quite difficult and stressful. You have to think about lots of things that will make the transfer stress free and convenient for you and your stuff. Nowadays, the idea of renting out a truck to fill in your things is already expensive and may come with hidden charges depending on your subscription. However, you need to be very careful because there are some firms that will offer you false homes about their services. That is why it is very important to make an effort in doing a simple research about the said firm before you make a subscription.
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The importance of getting a recommendation – When searching for a recommendation, it is always vital to get recommendations from friends. There are already been reported scams who are giving false quotes to clients making them fall in love with the offer but when the real deal comes, it will just give you unreasonable service that is not worth your money.

Do the screening yourself – Give yourself something to be busy about. Why not try to do a bit of research and then figure it out yourself. Among the list of the movers that your friends have given you, check out which one has the good offer for a reasonable price. There are lots of affordable moving services Melbourne that you can find, so never lose hope. It is good to listen to advertisers but there is nothing wrong when you will do a bit of investigation to prove if what they are saying is correct.

Talk to the experts – There are no perfect companies. There are usually flaws but should be kept minimal. In the wide array of movers that almost have the same offers, it is important to talk to experts and learn more from them. The experts might enlighten your confusion and will give you a bit of guidance when choosing the right mover company.

Talk to the mover – There is nothing more clearer than to get the version of the company itself. Although there are some risks of scam, but once you have already checked on the feedbacks about the company and found out that they are one of the genuine, then you’re good to have a deal. The company itself can give you the right quote, can set proper expectations and can give you the right estimated amount of the package that you have chosen. Do not be afraid to make a deal once you learned that the company is genuine, good and professional.

Finding a mover will just take you around 4 steps. There may be stress involved at the first part, but once you already have discovered the right company that will suit your needs and your budget then it will be very easy for you. There is always convenience when you avail assistance from these removal firms. By taking the time to learn from customer feedbacks and learn from the experts, surely, you will never go wrong in making the right subscription. It will only take you a bit of patience to get the right company and the right service that will make the most out from the money that you are paying.

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